Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Intraday Update

The 10 year note continues to be sold, and that bodes well for stocks, here's a look at how aggressively the sell off has occurred over the last 5 days:

We will continue to monitor the "POSITIVES vs the negatives", and we expect you to alert us or provide feedback when/if you feel any of the factors have changed.

As oil continues its’ decent, that massive liquidity must ... "


StockWatcher said...

What do think of buying BIDU puts today after the stock jumped >15%?

Anonymous said...

Although we have no formal recommendation on BIDU at this time, we would ask our readers to take profits today. Also, we feel the Beijing 2008 games are fully discounted, and that BIDU did not guide much higher is a tell. We urge our readers to use a long and short strategy with GOOG and BIDU, GOOG long and BIDU short, such a strategy seems defeating, but in the long run, the market will reward you with one big winner, as the time to close the losing position and ride the winning position comes with very little pressure, yet you read and learn along the way, since you are forced to stay focused on two fronts.
Thanks for your question, the Psychology of the Call team.