Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday After Market Psychology

"Today's bond market rally derailed stocks. The 10 Year Note failed to hold above a 3.90% yield, but that will change tomorrow. The fact oil was down again today didn't seem to affect sentiment, as trading was fixated with Freddie Mac "FRE" and the other financial issues dropping like stones."

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Anonymous said...

What do you all think about some goog calls before earnings next week?

Anonymous said...

With the run up that GOOG had after their last earnings report, it may make more sense to short it as it runs up, since most individuals will be buying.

Also, since the market is so oversold, GOOG shares could run up to $600 by earnings, and then the short play makes great sense.

We suggest selling short half Thursday, and half Friday morning, especially if it opens higher. Good luck with whatever strategy you choose ..