Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on the Euro-ization of America

We have been talking for three months now about how the decline in the dollar was likely to foster the Euro-ization of America, with large European entities sweeping in to snatch up US companies at a bargain price.

Only a few days ago Belgium's InBev bought out Anheuser Busch (BUD). News released today reports that Swiss giant Roche has offered $44.7 billion in cash for Genentech (DNA). Do you believe the Euro-ization theory is taking shape?

Here’s what we had to say on 30 April, 2008:

POTC believes the strength in foreign currencies, especially the Euro-dollar will act as a fire starter for high end real estate, particularly coastal and prime urban cities like Manhattan and Chicago, along with blue chip stocks like Goldman Sachs (GS), Genentech (DNA), and Intel (INTC). POTC envisions these buy out/scenarios unfolding by the time the leaves turn color and Fall. Euro-dollar buy outs are on the horizon, so fasten your belt, especially if you're selling short the wrong stocks.”


Hopefully you’ll also recall the number of times that we suggested to our readers over the past three months and the last few weeks that DNA was a buy. Congratulations to those who bought then (around $70).
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