Thursday, May 1, 2008

Your Intraday Thursday Attention, Please!

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month, so please heed the warning:

"The First Friday of the Month Wields The Biggest Hammer to the Markets".

The Employment Report is released at 8:30 AM ET.
Since this is will be the most market moving event of the week, PLEASE vote in the left margin whether you feel the S&P will close the week above or below 1,400.

Our team is mixed in their feelings, so we opted not to dig up the image of the "bloodied clown", as we have turned decisively bullish, specifically because of currencies. The strong Euro-dollar will act as a "fire starter" for high end U.S. coastal real estate and prime urban areas like Manhattan and Chicago. In addition, it’s our opinion that blue chip stocks like Goldman Sachs (GS) and Genentech (DNA) will be bought on the cheap.

We wish every one of our readers a great Friday, please don't forget to join the Million Dollar CNBC challenge at and always practice the 11 Commandments of Trading to assure investment longevity and success.

The Psychology of the Call thanks you for your attention.


Anonymous said...

nice blog !

Anonymous said...

1,400 looks like a good call, was POTC unanimous in the call above 1,400? be honest ...