Thursday, May 29, 2008

Google and DNA

"Our Saturday Psych Ahead Prediction Piece" was correct, a $30 GOOG move has in fact occurred, congrats to all traders who acted on our recommendation! "Please heed the "Friday smart money, profit taking warning."

Also, please remember the Genentech (DNA) ASCO meeting tomorrow in Chicago:
POTC sees very positive Avastin applications on the horizon, judging from the colorful and very positive tone of the last conference call (CC). You can find all CCs archived on our blog. Enjoy your Thursday, as a few of us are leaving for the day; the sign on our door reads, "Gone Fishing". Enjoy:

From the entire Psychology of the Call team.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the DNA advice, moving up nicely

Anonymous said...

DNA did nothing but flat-line since your rec. But I got back in this morning before the conference starts. Good avastatin news a few days ago, so maybe the conf. will be a boost, coupla k shares and Sep 80 calls.

StockWatcher said...

What was going on with JRJC today? Shot up after the earning and then dropped like a rock towards the close.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Dell short wasn't such a stellar call - can we get a post about that next to the Goog $30 pat on the back?
Then there is the FSLR which we won't even go into.

Anonymous said...

Google was mentioned as an "option play" in the Psychology of the Week Ahead, a piece we write every Saturday night, not a straight out buy. If you had bought the June 570 or 580 calls you would have realized a tremendous profit. FSLR has pulled back because of the unwinding of oil. We still believe FSLR is the number one solar play. As for DELL, we were wrong, and IF it is up in the afternoon, above $22.00, we will cover and take the loss. We still believe investing/trading requires tremendous discipline and should never be based on one or two wins or losses; if that was the case Jim Cramer would not have a national audience from years ago, agree?

We ask all our readers to obey the 11 Commandments of trading, and in the healthy theme of full disclosure one of our team members is losing money in DELL, but he has less than 10% of his portfolio in the stock as the 1st Commandment demands. We hope that answers your question?

Anonymous said...

Asia's up on declining oil price and I don't see Friday being a bad day, even with unemployment. The market did all right today because of oil no matter what the GDP figure was, probably the same tomorrow.