Friday, May 9, 2008

Cramer finally agrees with POTC

Famed financial pundit Jim Cramer has finally come to the realization that the strength of foreign currencies is significant. Our loyal readers will realize that for the last several weeks POTC has been talking about foreign currencies, particularly the Euro acting as a fire starter for the US Market. Thanks for finally agreeing with us, Jim.

Visit us tomorrow night for the "Psychology in the Upcoming Week's Data", and also don't forget to enter the CNBC Million Dollar Challenge, it starts next Monday.


Anonymous said...

It took Deutsche Telecom (DT) and their interest in Sprint (S) to convince him. You have been stressing the strong Euro for over one month. Jim Cramer is okay, better for comic relief than stock picking imo. Keep up the forward type of psychology, very refreshing as events like the strong Euro hit the public wires.

Anonymous said...

Last CNBC challenge was won by some waitress who knew nothing about stocks, go figure!
Appreciate the reminder and link, good blog.

Anonymous said...

Cramer's site has way too many ads, so is Motley Fool and Minyanville. I like your lay out and future conf call alerts-links, and econ data a lot more than the ones I mentioned above. Commandment #5 is what I always have trouble with, I fall in love and hate to part, that stupidity must change, thanks for the eleven commandments!