Friday, April 18, 2008

Upcoming Live Conference Calls

Our team will do our proprietary psychological analysis of every one of the CCs listed ot the left. Please see Intel (INTC), Genentech (DNA), and or Google (GOOG) in our archives for more granularity and color. Our mission is to increase transparency between Corporate executives and Wall Street analysts in the emotionally charged Question & Answer (Q/A) sessions. We thank every one of you for loyalty and continued support. We are proud to have surpassed 30,000 readers since our February 27th inception; we will diligently strive to be your go-to financial source for trading ideas and education in market mechanics ~ Psychology of the Call, the blog spot where forward-thinkers congregate.

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Anonymous said...

Will you do a conference call write up an 'AMGN' Thursday?