Monday, March 3, 2008

The Parking Gear, Cash, and Buttered Popcorn

Are you enjoying the show? We hope you’re still parked with cash and no more than 50% of your account value in stocks. The Psychology of the Call team did advise our readers in the article dated Feb 27 to stay in cash. Remembering our 2nd Commandment, "Cash is King." Car accidents usually occur in the drive or reverse gears. We won't bore you with details of the inner workings of the gearbox, although we do know many readers enjoy their stick shift jets! Read on ... We urge you to remain in park until after the Friday March 7th release of Employment Data. We see the employment number only adding fuel to the selling pressure. As the saying goes, "the first Friday of every month wields the biggest hammer." We see the stock market getting hammer fisted to below the 1,300 level on the S&P at least, so the test of 1,270 will be critical. If you accepted our advice, congratulations. Now instead of sitting on the couch watching the talking heads, or constantly checking stock quotes, take your car for a spin to the Drive-In Theatre. There you’ll be free to enjoy a real show, with "cash and buttered popcorn in hand", secure in the knowledge that the Psychology of the Call team is parked beside you.

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TKO said...

Nice call on snda and glad to see jrjc pull back today. Thanks for the input on fxi. Parked with plenty of cash. Nothing like buttered, salty popcorn and a "B" flick.
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